Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started with Faronics Cloud Deep Freeze

    • Introduction, Signing up and Getting Started

    • Creating Users, Sites and Groups

    • Deep Freeze Getting Started Quiz

  • 2

    Managing Policies

    • Managing Policies

    • Deep Freeze Policy

    • Deep Freeze Policy Quiz

    • Data Igloo Policy

    • Data Igloo Policy Quiz

    • Software Updater Premium Policy

    • Software Updater Policy Quiz

    • Anti-Executable Policy

    • Anti-Executable Policy Quiz

    • WINSelect Policy

    • WINSelect Policy Quiz

    • Cloud Sync

    • Cloud Sync Policy Quiz

    • Usage Stats Premium Policy

    • Usage Stats Policy Quiz

    • Incident Reporting Policy

    • Incident Reporting Quiz

    • Power Save Policy

    • Imaging Policy

    • Remote Connect Policy

    • Anti-Virus Policy

  • 3

    Deploying Cloud Agent

    • Cloud Agent Deployment Options

    • Managing Agent on Workstation

    • Installation and Local Management Quiz

  • 4

    Cloud Console Administration

    • Computers Page and Live Actions

    • Deep Freeze on Demand, Cloud Relay and Schedules

    • Applications and Windows Updates

    • Imaging

    • Reports and Dashboard

    • Tasks, Alerts, License Management, Profile and Help

    • Cloud Administration Quiz

    • Survey and Feedback

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